Mitchell Center Postdoctoral Scholarship 2023-24, University of Pennsylvania, USA.

  • Partial Funding
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Fellowship, Post Doctorate
  • Climate, Democracy
  • International Students
  • USA
  • 02/15/2023
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Scholarship Description:

Mitchell Center Postdoctoral Scholarship 2023-24, University of Pennsylvania, USA. is open for International Students . The scholarship allows Fellowship, Post Doctorate level programm(s) in the field of Climate, Democracy taught at University of Pennsylvania . The deadline of the scholarship is expired at 15 Feb 2023.

The Mitchell Center Postdoctoral Fellowship on "Climate and Democracy" at the University of Pennsylvania is a program aimed at supporting early career scholars who are working on the intersection of climate change and democracy. This fellowship provides a unique opportunity for postdoctoral researchers to further their research and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field.

The fellowships are awarded for a two-year term, during which time the recipients will be based at the University of Pennsylvania and will have access to the resources and support of the Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions. The fellows will also have opportunities to engage with the wider academic community at the University of Pennsylvania and beyond, through collaborations with other researchers and participation in workshops, seminars, and conferences.

The goal of the fellowship program is to support cutting-edge research on the relationship between climate change and democracy, and to foster new and innovative approaches to addressing the challenges posed by these interconnected issues. By providing financial support and access to resources, the fellowships aim to enable early career researchers to make significant contributions to the field and to advance our understanding of the complex relationships between climate change and democracy.

If you are interested in applying for the Mitchell Center Postdoctoral Fellowship on "Climate and Democracy" at the University of Pennsylvania, you should have a PhD in a relevant field, such as political science, environmental studies, or climate science, and a strong research track record. You should also have a clear research agenda and a plan for how you will advance the field during your fellowship.

Degree Level:

Mitchell Center Postdoctoral Scholarship 2023-24, University of Pennsylvania, USA. is available to undertake Fellowship, Post Doctorate level programs at University of Pennsylvania.

Available Subjects:

Following subject are available to study under this scholarship program.

  • Climate
  • Democracy

Scholarship Benefits:

 The stipend will be at least $53,800 plus benefits, including health insurance.

Eligible Nationalities:

This scholarship is open to international students.

Eligibility Criteria:

International scholars are welcome.  Applicants should have received the PhD no earlier than May 2018 but must have completed all requirements for the PhD by September 30, 2023.

Application Procedure:

Application Link:
Application Deadline: February 15, 2023

In addition to the Personal and Profile information requested by Interfolio, the following information and documents will be required:


1.  Preferred Email Address
2.  Telephone Contact Number
3.  Country of Citizenship
4.  Country of Permanent Residence
5.  Date, institution, and field of your PhD degree
6.  Current Position. (Indicate your title, department, institution, and city/state).  If you are not employed, please state what you are currently doing.

Documents to be uploaded

1.  Cover Letter
2.  CV
3.  Title and Description of Proposed Research Study – No more than 1,000 words.
4.  Teaching Portfolio: Title and Description of Two Undergraduate Course Proposals – Single-spaced (one page each) proposals of possible Undergraduate Seminars you would like to teach at Penn.
5.  Writing Sample – An article or excerpt of a book or dissertations chapter. (20 page limit.)
6.  Confidential Letters of Recommendation (three) - Referees should be asked both to comment on your proposed project and to discuss your qualifications as a teacher.

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