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Descendent of Hazrat Umar, disciplenof Hazrat Baqi Billah, born in Sirhind in 1564, received early education of Quran, Tafsir, Fiqh and Islamic philosophy from his father (renowned sufi of his time), joined Naqashbandia Order.

State of Society under Mughal Rule at that Time:-
Islam was at a critical juncture due to:
a. Mystics: excessive belief of karamaat and no firm belief of Islamic approaches.
b. Theologians: negation of the Quranic injunctions and Hadith and adherence to Fiqh.
c. Indulgence in embracing Hinduism and their culture easy marriage, singing, dancing, and other rituals.
d. Akbar’s policy of heterodoxy (Deene Ilahiya) To win Hindu subjects encouraging of Ulma-I-Su, the new innovations like Bidaat-e-Hassna,Taweezaat, fulfilment of desires from the tombs like the Hindus.
e. Bhugti Movement (synthesis of hindu and muslim teachings to bring them closer).
f. Concept of Wahdat-ul-wajood was getting momentum.

His Philosophy and Methodology:
a. Wanted renaissance of true teaching of Islam,
b. Elimination of the innovations (the bidaat) to Muslim belief in India,
c. Opposition to monism, Bhagtism, and Deene Ilahiya of Akbar,
d. Social reformations and bringing the Muslims to true spirit of Islam,
e. Promotion of Sunni Fiqah of Islam and also wrote a book (Radd-e-Rawafiz)

a. He wrote books, pamphlets, and addressed letters to the notables, nobles, army men, of Mughal Empire to preach his philosophy and emphasized the Ittab-e-Sunnah etc.
b. Influential nobles of Mughal Darbar like Sheikh Farid, Abdur Rahim Khan-e-Khana, Sadr-e-Jehan, Khan-e-Azam etc.
Were impressed and propagation in the court of Akbar.
c. Paid visit to various provinces of India for revival of the true spirit of Islam.
d. Also educated a large number of disciples and sent them all over the India to convey his teachings to the common Muslims.
e. Also called upon the Ulmea to fight against the rising tendency of innovations and evils that have entrenched in the original teaching of Islam.

Impact on the History of Muslim India:
a. Restored Islam to its prestige and purity.
b. The vital appeal of Majudid message kindled religious favor and resulted in religious revival in India.
c. He contributed largely to swing of pendulum from Akbar’s heterodoxy to Aurangzeb’s vigorous ultra orthodoxy.
d. Rejection of doctrine of Wahdat-ul-Wajood.
e. Propounded that sainthood is different from prophet-hood, thus revolutionized the doctrine of Islamic mystics.
f. Contribution self confidence and self assertion to Muslim thinking.
g. Showed steadfastness against tyranny Akbar and thus secure a great respect in the history of Muslim India.
h. Proved to be the Emperors but never compromised on his stance.
i. Gave a new dimension to Muslim political thought.

In a way, he was the pioneer of what modern Islam in the South Asian subcontinent-isolationist, self-confident, conservative, deeply conscious of the need of reformation but distrustful of innovation, accepting speculation in theory but dreading it in practice, and insular in its contact with other civilization.

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