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The National Accountability Bureau is a Pakistani government agency dealing with corruption. It was established on November 16, 1999 with the promulgation of the National Accountability Ordinance 1999, immediately after the military coup by Pervez Musharraf on October 12, 1999.

Its mission according to the official website:
“ is to work to eliminate corruption through a comprehensive approach encompassing prevention, awareness, monitoring and combating. ”

The bureau has two principal officers: the Chairman; and the Prosecutor General of Accountability in Pakistan. The Chairman is the head of investigation, and serves a four-year term. Lt. Gen. Munir Hafeez was the first chairman of the bureau. The Prosecutor General is the head of prosecution, and serves a three-year term. Lawyer Irfan Qadir was the first Prosecutor General.

The bureau has, to date, recovered over two hundred and forty billion rupees (four billion US dollars) from corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen.

For the initial three years, the focus of its functions was directed only at detection, investigation and prosecution of white-collar crime. Those prosecuted include politicians, public service officials and other citizens who were either guilty of gross abuse of powers, or through corruption had deprived the national exchequer of millions or resorted to other corrupt practices. In February 2002, NAB launched the National Anticorruption Strategy (NACS) project. The NACS team conducted broad based surveys, studied external models of international anti-corruption agencies and involved local stakeholder. All pillars of National Integrity System were studied in detail. After identifying the causes of corruption in each pillar, a comprehensive strategy and a detail action plan was recommended. Breaking away from traditional enforcement based routines NACS has recommended a comprehensive process. Relevant amendments have been made in NAO and now NAB is empowered to undertake prevention and awareness in addition to its enforcement functions


The National Accountability Bureau is to be a credible, effective, efficient and dynamic anti-corruption organization creating an enabling environment for a corrupt free society.


he National Accountability Bureau is to work to eliminate corruption through a comprehensive approach encompassing prevention, awareness, monitoring and combating.


he National Accountability Bureau derives its objectives from its approved project document titled 'National Anti Corruption Strategy' or NACS and defines them as follows:

Short Term
Setting in motion systemic improvements that will strengthen the national integrity system and the people against corruption.
Long Term
The elimination of corruption by engaging all the stakeholders in the fight against corruption, through a programme, which is holistic, comprehensive and progressive.

For better future of our generations.
Corruption cannot be eliminated without full public participation.
For speedy accountability drive.

Provide evidence against CORRUPT PUBLIC OFFICE HOLDER
Guide us through constructive critique & suggestions.
Provide information regarding money being siphoned abroad/foreign assets of fugitives and their activities at Contact Us.

What Do You Get In Return
Informers are rewarded, if evidence leads to conviction.
More details available on personal contact.
While Passing Information Fill In Following:

  1. Identity
    Name of the individual or group involved in corruption. For example Mr. XYZ or ABC Company or ABC Group of Companies etc.

  2. Occupation
    Occupation/status or position of the individual. For example Chairman XYZ, Political figure, Civil Bureaucrat Name, Ministry of XYZ, Director of ABC Group etc.

  3. Address
    Official / Business / Residential or Hideout.

  4. Type of Corruption
    Type of corruption indulged in. For example Corruption and corrupt practices, Misuse of Authority, Bank default and Loan write off.

  5. Assets
    The known or suspected assets of the culprit.

  6. Evidence.
    a. Evidence Held.
    b. Where evidence is held or can be obtained.
    c. Name(s) and addresses of witnesses.

  7. Miscellaneous information.

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