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ACCA Salary and Benefits in Pakistan

ACCA Salary and Benefits in Pakistan According to a recent survey by ACCA – largest accountancy body by students’ numbers – part qualified ACCA students can earn up to Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 100,000 despite the poor economical conditions and tough job market. According to the published survey – Just under half (45%) [...]

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BEST TIPS FOR PASSING CPA Schedule we recommend that the first thing you should do is to make a schedule for your CPA Exam. For this you will be required to first check the next coming CPA Exam dates and then you will have to devise such a schedule for study which may [...]

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Becker CPA Review Course

 Becker CPA Review Course Becker is the industry standard when it come to studying for the CPA exam. Becker knows its the standard and therefore marks up the price of their review course to the point where it is not affordable for college students. CPA firms around the world are offered subsidized copies [...]

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CPAexcel CPA Review

CPAexcel CPA Review CPAexcel CPA Review is a very technologically advanced CPA review system. It is a fully online course that is available on your computer and even your mobile! As you progress through the course you can work offline and then synch your progress with all of your devices. You are even able [...]

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Alaska CPA Exam Requirements

Alaska allows CPA candidates to sit for the exam before they graduate, specifically, within 18 credit hours of graduation. They also allow non-accounting degree holders to sit for the exam (provided they have 1 year of public accounting experience), but you will need 150 credit hours and 2 years of relevant experience in order [...]

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Albama CPA Exam Requirements

Albama CPA Exam Requirements Albama State awards CPA license to US citizens only. The educational requirements are tough here as compared to other states i.e. one need to fulfill the 150 semester units before you sit for the exam, and the specific courses on accounting, business and law are very specific. Alabama CPA [...]

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How to Become CPA

How to Become CPA CPA, or Certified Public Accountant, is a recognition granted by the State Board of Accountancy in the US to individuals who have attained a certain level of competency in these areas: Education Accounting Knowledge Ethical Standard Training and Experience Commitment To The Accounting Industry Therefore, anyone who wants a [...]

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ACCA vs CPA (USA): What should be preffered in USA

ACCA vs CPA (USA): A Comparison Should you go for ACCA vs CPA? Does it make sense to get both? Let’s take a look. ACCA vs CPA: Organization Structure US CPA The CPA license is granted by each of the 55 states or jurisdiction in the United States. There is no centralized body [...]

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ACCA Examination Centers in USA

ACCA Examination Centers in USA Following are the destinations for ACCA Examinations in USA ACCA Examination Centers in USA If you are planning to appear in ACCA examination in USA you would want to know about ACCA Examination Centers in USA. We have gathered the information. Following is the list of cities which [...]

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ACCA work in USA

Most USA employers won't know what ACCA is and fewer are likely to care. So you should plan to become a US CPA if serious about a career in the USA. You have to become a CPA through one of the state boards. There is no national CPA designation. Usually the requirements are: - [...]

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Best ACCA Universities in London

ACCA (Association of Chartered certified Accountants) is the largest and fastest growing professional accountancy body in the world, with around 131,500 members and 362,000 affiliates and students in 170 countries. ACCA UK has formed collaborations with a number of top universitis around the world, includind oxford Brookes University (UK), School of Oriental and [...]

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ACCA Salary in UK

if you are doing ACCA or a professional ACCA certified you must think that what is the top destination for ACCA in terms of Salary. UK, United kingdom , offers handsome jobs to ACCA professional. The Average salary in UK for ACCA stands some where around £62,500. The highest ACCA salary in UK [...]

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ACCA Salary

HOW MUCH ACCA QUALIFIED CAN EARN? It is worth to know exactly the salary or Pay  of an ACCA. It is well know that ACCA are paid well and Well answer to this question was given with much "this and that's" and of the big condition was of which firm you have articles [...]

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Best Institute for ACCA in Karachi

WHAT IS THE BEST INSTITUTE FOR ACCA/CAT IN KARACHI? You will found many academies or institute in Karachi for preparation of ACCA but only few are the best among those. In Karachi CAMS is considered as the best institute by the students . However, AL-Hamd institute is giving the CAMS a very tough [...]

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ACCA VS. LOCAL DEGREES (B.COM, MBA) In Pakistan a great majority of student ask this question that if ACCA is better or is it worth doing B.COM or MBA. This question needs a reasonable answer as the career of the students remain at stack.  We Know that a great majority of student are [...]

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WHAT IS THE BEST BOOK FOR ACCA/CAT PREPARATION? This is the question most of the student preparing for ACCA think many times in a day. The target  of every student is to score more in ACCA and for that you need best study material. BPP and FTC (Kaplan) book series are found favorite [...]

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ACCA, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

ACCA stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). It was founded in 1904. It is an international body for professional accountants offering the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification (ACCA or FCCA). Is headquarters are in London with a principle administrative office in Glascow. ACCA works through a network of 83 offices and centers [...]

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CFA Jobs

Most CFA jobs focus on analyst type positions such as insurance, fund risk, quantitative measure, modeling, liquidity and derivatives. The greatest impact of earning the CFA designation is the demonstration it shows of an individual to take serious stake with their career. Many CFA jobs are offered by previous CFA charter holders which [...]

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CFA Institute India

The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI) established in 1984 is a non-profit society that came with an objective of providing training in finance and management. However, due to some disputes over functioning and curriculum ICFAI broke all its working relationships with CFA Institute and since then have been working as [...]

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CFA Courses

The various topics undertaken in whole academic session of CFA program are: Ethical and Professional Standards, Quantitative Methods, Economics, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Corporate Finance, Portfolio Management, Equity, Fixed Income, Derivatives and Alternative Investments. The 3 levels are different from each other in various aspects, that is: The level I study focuses mainly [...]

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CFA Forms

Download form for CFA Registration, Membership and Examination.(Pakistani Students) CFA Registration Form Download Membership Form Download Examination Form Download

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CFA Eligibility Criteria

For Student To become a student-member of the institute, one must match the following criteria: Possess an accredited bachelor (02 years) degree or equivalent PLUS      five (05) years professional experience OR an accredited bachelor (04      years) degree PLUS three (03) years professional experience. Possess a master degree or equivalent PLUS two [...]

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CFA Examination Rules and Fee

CFA Examination Rules and Fee The theme of the examination is to assess and certify the students conceptual learning and competency level of Knowledge, Skills and Application abilities in Investment and Financial Analysis curriculum. Rules The examination will be written and/or computer based through approved centers The examinations will be conducted two (02) [...]

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CFA Society Pakistan

CFA Society Pakistan CFA Society Pakistan promotes ethical and professional standards within the investment industry, encourages professional development through the CFA Program, and facilitates the open exchange of information and opinions. CFA Society Pakistan currently has 202 members out of which 95% are CFA Charterholders and 5% are non-charter holders. While in-house financial analysts/portfolio managers constitute [...]

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Best Books for CFA

Best Books for CFA CFA is divided into 3 Levels. If you are planning to become a charter holder of CFA you will questioning yourself as to which is the best book for studying CFA. It is very important to know as which book shall be given preference when your target is achieving [...]

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CFA Level 1 Curriculum

CFA Level 1 Curriculum is as under Exam Structure The exam is a six-hour exam, broken into a morning and afternoon session, each being three hours long. The exam consists of 240 multiple-choice questions: 120 questions in the morning session and 120 questions in the afternoon session. All of the multiple-choice questions are free [...]

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CFA Pakistan

The Certified Financial Analysts Program The program of Certified Financial Analysts designed by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Pakistan (ICPAP) with the objective of imparting world class training and sharing dynamic Research & Development outcomes in the fields of financial markets, financial analysis, and valuation of assets, portfolio management, mutual funds [...]

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Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), CFA Requirment

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program is a professional credential offered by the CFA Institute. CFA Institute was formerly called as the Association for Investment Management and Research (AMIR). A candidate who successfully completes the program and meets other professional requirements is awarded a "CFA charter" and becomes a "CFA charter holder".A CFA [...]

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