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After the war of Independence 1857, the Ulema of Delhi party realized that it was useless to use force against the overwhelming power of the British Empire. So the Ulmea led by Maulana Mohammed Qasim Nanutawi decided to regain the lost entity by educating the Muslims. The Deoband School stood for definitive religion political goals with limited sphere of influence. Dar-ul-aloom Deoband was established in 1867 by Maulana Mohammed Qasim and his followers. Deoband was highly impressed by the teaching of Hanfi School of Theology and Philosophy of Shah Wali Ullah. In political it took stance of anti-British and propagated disloyalty to the British Raj. After maulana Qasim's death, Maulana Rashid Ahmed Ghangohi succeeded him.


The religious manifesto of the Deoband was firm belief in Tauheed, justice, spiritual training and discipline. To cement the ties among the Muslims and creat the sense of coherence and unity, work for Muslim Ummah and restoration of caliphate in its true sence were the objectives.
As far as their Political stance was concerned it was constructed upon the three principles:

a) to make India a great country of Asia
b) to make India a Federal State by unting all local states and
c) to ensure the socio-economic justice for all.

Dar-ul-aloom deoband started its operations with meager resources but it touched the heights in a limited time span. Under the auspices of Maulana Mohammed Qasim it produced many Muslim religious thinkers and scholars who guided the destiny of the Muslim of India. Deoband Movement marked certain imprints upon the history of Muslim India.
Among the scholars produced by Deoband were Maulana Mohammed Yaqoob, Maulana Rashid Ahmed Ghangoi, Maulana Mehmood-ul-Hassan, and Maulana Madni. Soon after its inception it gained a distinctive position among the educational institutions of British India. It was considered as the most important Islamic Institution after Al-Azhar. Actually Deoband is the continuity of the thoughts professed by Shah Walli Ullah and Shah Abdul Aziz. The Deoband scholars were not merely religious interpreters but were also aware of the modern education. Certainly Deoband has served Muslim India but Deoband curriculum could not fulfil the needs of the tie. It enjoyed a widespread influence over Muslim India. Being the ultra nationalist views they opposed the creation of Pakistan and Muslim League which was a very sad aspect of the Deoband Movement.

Deoband continued the legacy of the Shah Walli Ullah school of thought producing many great religious scholars but could not produce a great political leader; when the course of history was unfolded they opted for the wrong choice.

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