Victoria University ,Postgraduate Research Scholarship, (VUIPRS) ,Australia

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Scholarship Description:

Victoria University ,Postgraduate Research Scholarship, (VUIPRS) ,Australia is open for . The scholarship allows level programm(s) in the field of taught at . The deadline of the scholarship is .

The Victoria University is offering international postgraduate research  scholarships. Scholarships are open to international students applying for a  Higher Degree by Research course (PhD, Masters by Research or Professional  Doctorate). These scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit and  only applicants with outstanding academic results are likely to be successful.  Recipients of the VUIPRS receive a living allowance of $ 22,860 per  annum (2013 rate) for the duration of the scholarship. In addition,  each recipient receives an Executive Dean’s International  Scholarship to cover tuition fees for the duration of  the scholarship. Application should be submitted till May for mid-year 2013  entry.

Study Subject(s): Scholarships are provided in the field  of Applied Informatics, Diversity and Wellbeing, Education, Diversity and  Lifelong Learning, Supply Chain, Logistics and  Transport, Sport, Exercise  Science and Active Living,  Strategic Economics and  Sustainable  Environmental Technology offered by the Victoria University  in Australia Course Level: This scholarship is available for  pursuing Postgraduate Research course (PhD, Masters by Research or  Professional Doctorate) at Victoria University. Scholarship  Provider: Victoria University in Australia Scholarship can be  taken at: Australia

Eligibility: To be eligible for a VUIPRS, applicants must: -Be a  citizen of any country other than Australia or New Zealand -Have completed a  four year undergraduate degree, or equivalent. For example: -a four year  undergraduate degree (e.g. Engineering or Law); -a three year degree and an  Honours year; -a three year degree and a postgraduate diploma at an advanced  level; or -a three year degree and one year of a higher degree. Victoria  University’s International Postgraduate Research Scholarships are open to  international students applying for a Higher Degree by Research course (PhD,  Masters by Research or Professional Doctorate).  These scholarships are  typically targeted to building research activity and capacity in Victoria  University’s areas of research focus.

Scholarship Open for International Students:  International students (except Australia and New Zealand) can apply for  this scholarship.

Scholarship Description:

Victoria University of Wellington

The purpose of these scholarships is to support high  quality research by assisting students with excellent academic qualifications  who wish to participate in postgraduate research programs in Australia. These  scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit and it should be noted  that the competition is intense and only those applicants with outstanding  academic results are likely to be successful. The International Postgraduate  Research Scholarship (IPRS) covers the full tuition costs, overseas student  health cover and a VU International Postgraduate Research Scholarship which  provides a living allowance of $22,860 per annum

Number of award(s): Not Known

Duration of award(s): The VUIPRS is normally provided for 36  months for Doctoral studies and 24 months for Masters Studies.  Students are expected to complete their study in the minimum time for their  course. VU scholarships only have provision in the living stipend component  for ONE extension for a maximum of six months for a Doctoral  student only. A maximum of TWO extensions to the course  length of Doctoral studies (granted in blocks of six months  full-time – 12 months in total) may be granted where the  University is satisfied that the extension is based on grounds that are beyond  the control of the candidate and related to the research rather than  of a personal nature.

What does it cover? Recipients of the VUIPRS receive a  living allowance of $ 22,860 per annum (2013 rate) for the duration of  the scholarship. In addition, each recipient receives an Executive  Dean’s International Scholarship to cover tuition fees for the  duration of the scholarship.

Selection Criteria: Applications are assessed against the  eligibility criteria for the VUIPRS. Those deemed eligible are forwarded  to Faculty committees for further assessment and ranking. Faculties  are required to rank applications on the basis of academic merit.  Competition for these scholarships is intense and only those applicants with  outstanding academic results are likely to be successful. Please supply  actual marks for subjects where available. To assist Faculties in the process of  assessing academic merit, the following information should be included in or  attached to the application:-Academic results of all tertiary studies. -Any tertiary prizes, awards or scholarships. -Details of research  projects/minor thesis for the highest qualifying degree. Include overall grade  of research component, percentage of research in the program and examiners’ reports (if available). -Relevant research work experience. -Publications–including percentage contribution of applicant, whether accepted  for publication, or published, and nature of publication (e.g. refereed journal  article, report, conference abstract, etc). -Relevant employment  experience. In addition, all applicants must arrange for  two confidential referee’s reports to be independently completed and  submitted. These are also considered in the Faculty and University  assessment process. A University Ranking Committee reviews the Faculty Order of  Merit lists to determine a University -wide Order of Merit based  on academic merit and research potential. The final ranking and scholarship  allocation is completed in the second week of December.

Notification:  All applicants will receive written  notification of the result of their scholarship  application after 12 December 2013.

How to Apply: To apply for Victoria University’s Postgraduate Research  Scholarships (VUIPRS) you need to submit two applications: 1 -Submit a  scholarship application to the Admissions  and Scholarships Coordinator in the Graduate  Research Centre. 2 -Apply through the Victoria University International online  application system.  Remember to identify yourself as a Victoria  University International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (VUIPRS) applicant on  the application form.

Scholarship Application Deadline: The application deadline  is May for mid-year 2013 entry.

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Degree Level:

Victoria University ,Postgraduate Research Scholarship, (VUIPRS) ,Australia is available to undertake level programs at .

Available Subjects:

Following subject are available to study under this scholarship program.


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