ZEF Doctoral Scholarship ,International Students ,University of Bonn ,Germany, 2013

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Scholarship Description:

ZEF Doctoral Scholarship ,International Students ,University of Bonn ,Germany, 2013 is open for . The scholarship allows level programm(s) in the field of taught at . The deadline of the scholarship is .

The Department of Ecology and Natural Resources Management at University of  Bonn is offering doctoral scholarship for international students. Students  from Africa are encouraged to apply. The duration of doctoral scholarship is  three years, starting from September 2013. Funding covers living, research as  well as travel cost. The PhD thesis will be conducted in the context of the  project WASCAL. The candidate is expected to develop an individual research  proposal until December 2013 and to participate in the interdisciplinary and  disciplinary courses of the ZEF doctoral studies program.

Study Subject(s): This PhD study will apply the ecosystem  services concept in the context of the West African Science Service Center for  Climate Change and Adapted Land?use. Course Level: This  scholarship is for pursuing PhD degree at University of Bonn in  Germany Scholarship Provider: The Center for Development  Research, University of Bonn Scholarship can be taken at:  Germany (For information assessment and data collection, a total of 6 months of  field research is conducted in West Africa and The case study regions will  be in Benin, Burkina Faso or Ghana).

Eligibility:- Excellent degree (Dipl., Msc.) in  environmental economics or a related field – Very good oral, reading, and  writing skills in English -Very good oral skills in French -good  knowledge of environmental modeling approaches and GIS is of advantage -experience in research is of advantage -work experience in development  countries, esp. in West Africa is of advantage. African candidates are highly  encouraged to apply.

Scholarship Open for Students of Following Countries:  International applicants can apply (African candidates are highly encouraged to  apply).

Scholarship Description: The  PhD thesis will be conducted in the context of the project WASCAL. The candidate  is therefore expected to especially consider multiple and interdisciplinary  interfaces with other research teams in WASCAL. For information assessment and  data collection, a total of 6 months of field research in West Africa is to be  expected during which the candidate should focus on identifying the land use  planners (who are they?) and assessing what criteria they prioritize for land  use planning (what do they need to know?). The case study regions will be in  Benin, Burkina Faso or Ghana. During the writing up period of the dissertation,  the candidate will be based at ZEF in Bonn and will focus on adapting the MCA  platform of the GISCAME package with those criteria of importance to the land  use planners in West Africa and develop the algorithms to be included in the  GISCAME platform. The candidate is expected to develop an individual research  proposal until December 2013. The candidate will also be expected to participate  in the interdisciplinary and disciplinary courses of the ZEF Doctoral Studies  Program.

Number of award(s): Not Known

Duration of award(s): Three years starting from September  2013.

What does it cover? A scholarship awarded will cover  living, research as well as travel cost.

How to Apply: The eligible candidates are invited to send  their application including -letter of motivation -concept note that  addresses the research topic, problem statement, research objectives and  question,suggested methodology (2?3 pages) -extended abstract of the diploma  or master thesis -CurriculumVitae -copies of academic certificates -letter ofreference. Please,send the hard copy of the application by  post.

Scholarship Application Deadline: The deadline for  applications is 30th June, 2013.

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ZEF Doctoral Scholarship ,International Students ,University of Bonn ,Germany, 2013 is available to undertake level programs at .

Available Subjects:

Following subject are available to study under this scholarship program.


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