NEWS, Determinants of News, Value of News

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News is a report of recent or current event or information published in newspaper or other periodicals.
“News may be defined as any accurate fact or idea that will interest a large number of readers”
Carl warren says that the word NEWS is not composed from the initials of compass points i.e. north, east, west and south. It is simply the plural of English word new.
Lord North says that if a dog bites man it is not news but if reverse happens than it is news.

Elements/ values of news OR Determinants of News:

  1. Proximity:

Proximity means nearness in space. The news which is closer to reader or receiver is more valuable than that whose origin is father. E.g. for people living in Lahore will value news from Lahore more than any other city.

  1. Timeliness:

It means nearness in time. An event occurring latestly is more valued than any other previous news. People are more interested in updates.

  1. Magnitude:

Magnitude means that how many people are affected from an event. The greater magnitude means highly valued news as it effects higher number of people. E.g. Earthquake, Assassination of benazir etc.

  1. Significance:

It debates on importance of the event which becomes news. It focuses on the consequences of a happening e.g. great medical discovery, national decisions (operation in swat) etc.

  1. Policy:

Newspaper owner decides about the policy of news. He decides that what types of news will be published in that newspaper. Therefore the policy effects in determining news. E.g. pro labor or antilabour, pro government or anti government.

  1. conflict:

In human life conflicts takes place and they become news. Election, sports, man vs. man conflict news and stories are much important and are placed on front page.

  1. Famous and important places:

News about famous places are valued more e.g. place like London, Karachi, Tokyo, Paris are important when determining a news.

  1. Oddity: (The quality of being strange)

Oddity plays important role for news determining. More oddity mean more value of news e.g. Lord North says that if a dog bites man it is not news but if reverse happens than it is news.

  1. Suspense:

Suspense is essential for news e.g. what will be the result of conflict between government and opposition e.g. condition after governor raj in Punjab in 2009.

  1. Important Personality:

News about important personalities like any celebrity is valued and this factor determines news.

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