Agro-Forestry Model in Pakistan

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Agro-forestry model was introduced in Pakistan by Dr. GM Khattak and Mr. K.M Siddiqui in the early 80's. It is a notable fact to mention that this model gained success on demonstrative effect rather than the typical forestry/agricultural extension process.

 1. Need for agro-forestry;

Pakistani population, having reached 180 million, has huge requirements for forest products. The meager forest resources of Pakistan are unable to meed the demands and therefore, the need of energy plantation arose. It is a notable fact that energy plantations require lands , which is difficult to find in an agricultural country. Naturally, there has to be made an reconciliatory arrangement whereby agricultural and forestry practices should be carried out on the same piece of land without harming each other.

 2. Choice of species;

The farmers are interested in early income from their lands and cannot wait for the lengthy maturity periods of trees; therefore they are interested in fast growing species having an economical value. For this, hybrid poplars are used which have low disease frequency, multiple uses at various stages of life and a short growth period (10-12 years)

 3. Concerns of farmers;

The farmers are of the opinion that tree plantation on the border of agricultural lands would consume the water from the share of agricultural crops. Moreover, its shade would hamper the requisite sunlight required for the growth of agricultural crops.

but the perception of farmers has been rejected by modern research which says that the trees on the borders of agricultural fields consume 6-9% of the total water. Moreover, these trees act as a nurse crop to save the agri crops from wind desiccation and extreme sunlight.

 4. Benefits of Agro forestry;

a) It yields additional income to the farmers on a short growth period.

b) Provides raw material for match industry, scaffoldings, light furniture and as a fuel wood. It has reduced the pressure on state/ natural forests up to some extent.

c) It has increased the forest cover of KP province from 17 to 22%.

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