Chicago School of professional Psychology

Being one of the oldest schools focusing on professional psychology courses, the Chicago School of Professional Psychology enjoys great reputation all over the world. It also happens to be one of the largest graduate schools in the world that offer programs in psychology and behavioral sciences. The professors in the school believe that students need to go beyond the conventional theory classes and practical exercises. Hence, the aim is to make sure that each student graduates as an aware and skilled professional, so that he/she can become a good practitioner later, helping individuals and organizations with their issues. Chicago School of Professional Psychology is a member of the National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology, and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. It also happens to be the only psychology school that made to President Bush’s Honor Roll, with respect to Higher Education Community Service.   The school has programs at various levels, including Ph.D, Psy D, Ed. S, MA, certificate courses etc. The subjects that students can choose from include General Psychology, Health Psychology, School Psychology, Sex Offenders, Forensic Psychology, Counseling, Business Psychology, Trauma etc. A detailed list of all the courses along with the relevant information can be found the school’s website. There are three main campuses of the school – in Chicago, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles/ Orange County. Some of the programs can be completed by the students via Online or Blended study as well. To know more about which programs are available on what campus, you can again check the website.   While the school does not have its own housing facilities, students who require the same will definitely get assistance in moving to the new city with the help of contact numbers of housing agents and information on other related issues. Other assistance in terms of language support, getting to know the city, moving around etc. is also provided to International students. GRE may be required for some of the courses. But the school clearly states that GRE and GPA are only a small part of the application, and each student is reviewed on many other factors as well. Therefore, you must clearly state your achievements in other fields to make your application stronger. For more assistance on such matters, you can always contact the Admissions Office.  
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