Jobs in New Zealand 2023/24 with Visa Sponsorship ($150K – $200K yearly)

The year 2024 is almost approaching; what better opportunity to make the job move that would improve your life? Some of the most attractive working circumstances in the world are found in New Zealand, catering to professionals and low-skilled laborers alike. The pay is excellent, the weather is tropical, and the community is multicultural, diverse, and tolerant.

Here are some great job opportunities across a range of sectors, including social services, education, healthcare, catering, and hospitality. The majority of these jobs provide sponsorship for visas, meaning that the employer will cover the required documentation and airfare to New Zealand. Below is a list of the positions. To access further details and the application requirements, please tap or click on the job title that is highlighted.


Overview: Visa Sponsorship Jobs

“Visa sponsorship jobs” are those that employers provide to foreign workers to help them obtain the work visa required to work in New Zealand. During this procedure, the employer supports the worker’s visa application by demonstrating their genuine need for their expertise and knowledge.

The Significance of Visa Sponsorship in New Zealand

The employment landscape in New Zealand is rapidly evolving, with an increasing number of businesses employing foreign workers to cover skills shortages. In addition to providing the employer with access to a large pool of highly trained labor, sponsoring a worker for a visa gives the individual new career options in a welcoming and stunning nation.

Available Visa Sponsorship Jobs in New Zealand 2024

Early Childhood/Primary Reliever

The company is searching for South Auckland-based, seasoned early childhood educators seeking their next temporary role! The hourly wage for this contract or temporary role is up to $32.40, plus 8% for holidays.


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Occupational Therapist

The central business district of Auckland is home to this full-time job, which offers a respectable salary and bonus potential. Advantages include:

  • Mobility and employment opportunities around Australia
  • Also, above-market pay and a robust bonus program
  • Lastly, funding for relocation to New Zealand

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Registrar at Torrens University Australia

The registrar of Torrens University in Australia. The central business district of Auckland is hiring for this full-time role. You will be essential in overseeing student enrollment and making sure that all relevant NZ governing bodies for education are followed. Advantages include:

  • Permanent full-time role at the best digital design school in Asia Pacific, with a location in Auckland
  • Also, become a member of a group that is thinking ahead.
  • Lastly, Third-Rate Private Supplier

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Oral Health Therapist at Oasis Smiles Dental

Oral health therapist at Oasis Smiles Dental. Wellington Central is the location of this full-time role. A pay range of $110,000 to $119,999 is available for the suitable individual. Advantages include:

  • An abundance of moving supplies
  • Opportunity for recent graduates (visa sponsorship)

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Dentists Needed in Wellington

Wellington Dentists Wanted | $200K + Bonus at Newtown Dental Surgery | Sponsorship for New Zealand Visa Pay range for this full-time role is $150,000 to $200,000 + commission. Advantages include:

  • Sponsorship of a visa and help with relocation
  • Also, dentists have a lot of opportunities.
  • Lastly, pay based on commissions starts at $150,000 and goes up to $200,000 annually.

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Benefits of Visa Sponsorship

Stability and Security of Work

The fact that visa sponsorship ensures steady and secure work is one of its best features. Employers invest in employees with transferable skills, which increases public safety.

Getting to Know New Prospects

Obtaining a visa through sponsorship provides access to new opportunities and experiences. Professionals can expand their networks, experience various work environments, and gain international knowledge.

Growth in Culture and Profession

Working in New Zealand might help you develop personally in addition to professionally. Living in a variety of environments broadens your perspective and adds excitement to your life.


Applying for Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2024

Employment portals and online resources

Getting around employment portals and internet resources is a crucial part of the application process. There is a list of suggested job-finding platforms for visa sponsorship in this area.

Events for Networking and Job Fairs

Participating in job fairs and networking events can greatly improve employment opportunities. There will be tips given on how to participate in these events effectively.

Making Use of Expert Services

Hiring career counselors and recruiting companies, for example, can help to expedite the job search process. This section will help readers select and make effective use of these services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it typical for New Zealanders to sponsor visas?

In New Zealand, visa sponsorship is quite widespread, particularly in sectors with a shortage of skilled workers.

What credentials are needed for jobs involving visa sponsorship?

The requirements differ according to the position and kind of visa, but they usually include a relevant degree and prior work experience.


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