New City University College,Texas and Its Distant Learning Programmes

New City University College or NCUC, at Texas, USA offers a range of subjects through distance learning method by means of the virtual classrooms like Texas virtual classroom, Florida virtual classroom, that are such designed as to provide high quality, meaningful and updated collegiate courses to students within USA and outside too. The high definition structure of NCUC is such that there is an arrangement of virtual classroom where experienced and active lecturers teach the students via virtual teaching method while the student can stay at home or find leisure time from his or her pre-scheduled routine without the need to visit the university or even USA in case of foreign students. Moreover, there are opportunities for every student to meet other course or batch mates through the virtual classroom in sound and picture online. Electronic account facilities are provided to the students through which all the necessary materials like electronic lectures, articles, exam schedules and modes, marks obtained and other information are transferred to them. Study materials designed by the universities are sent to the students at their respective destinations through authorized agents. The various subject areas include Criminology, Cosmetology, Computer Electronics, Comparative Literature, Communications, Culinary Arts, Designing, Education, various types of Engineering, Finance, English, Arabic, Filmmaking, Journalism and a lot more. Among the courses offered at NCUC, the most popular courses are the graduate degrees in Business, Health Care and Management, Information Technology and Leadership. The various degree that are awarded to the students are in Associates, Bachelors of Arts, Bachelors of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Science, Diploma or Certificate courses, Doctorates, High school degree, Master of Arts, Master of Science, MBA etc. There is Bachelor’s degree too for undergraduate students. These distant learning degrees offered are recognized as per the specific legal rules of the local ministries of higher education of different countries. Thus students are advised to clarify the local accreditation of these degrees with their local ministries in they particularly aspire of seeking public sector jobs. The application process involved in pursuance of any course in NCUC is Online application,; the processing of which requires minimum 3-7 business days. Letter or references, and other necessary documents may also be sought for. The basic course fees start from US$3500 as per the course opted for, which includes all the educational services offered by NCUC.  
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