South Korea Announces the Global Korea Scholarship 2024: A Fully-Funded Initiative

Seoul, South Korea - The Korean Government has unveiled its ambitious 'Global Korea Scholarship' for Undergraduate degree programs for the academic year 2024. This initiative, also known as the GKS Korean Government Undergraduate Scholarship 2024, is a fully funded program, aiming to support international students in their academic pursuits in South Korea.

About the Scholarship:

The GKS Korean Government Undergraduate Scholarship is a testament to South Korea's commitment to fostering global academic talent. Generously funded by the Korean Government, the scholarship covers all academic expenses, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder deserving students. Notably, the scholarship does not mandate IELTS scores, making it even more accessible. A total of 262 scholars will benefit from this program, which is bifurcated into two tracks: the Embassy Track and the University Track. Applicants have the flexibility to apply through both avenues.

Key Features:

  • Total Scholarships: 262 (86 for the Embassy track and 176 for the University track)
  • Degree Level: Undergraduate
  • Location: South Korea
  • Subjects: All academic disciplines
  • Benefits: The scholarship encompasses round-trip airfare, full tuition fees, a settlement allowance, monthly stipends, a one-year Korean language training fee, degree program tuition fee, medical allowance, and more.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Open to all nationalities, excluding Korean citizens.
  • Applicants should not have a completed bachelor's degree.
  • Associate degree holders can only apply for bachelor's programs.
  • A minimum CGPA requirement varies but should be at or above the 80th percentile.
  • Age limit is set at 25 years.
  • Applicants must be in good health and have a clean criminal record.

Why Study in South Korea?

South Korea offers a dynamic academic environment, blending traditional values with modernity. The nation is renowned for its world-class institutions and groundbreaking research. With many programs taught in English, international students find it easier to adapt. Beyond academics, South Korea offers a rich cultural tapestry, from its culinary delights to its thriving pop culture scene. The nation's strategic location in Asia also provides students with unique networking opportunities, further enhancing their global outlook.

Application Process:

The scholarship application can be pursued through two distinct tracks: the Embassy and the University. The exact application process might vary depending on the country of the applicant. However, the overarching aim remains consistent: to offer a comprehensive educational experience that melds academic rigor with cultural immersion.

In conclusion, the GKS Korean Government Undergraduate Scholarship 2024 stands as a testament to South Korea's dedication to nurturing international academic prowess. It promises a holistic educational journey, combining rigorous academics with rich cultural experiences.

For more details and to apply, readers are directed to the official Global Korea Scholarship portal.

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