International Relations 2013

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International Relations 2013

Q.2- Critically discuss the concept of Balance of power in the light of Hans Morgenthau's thought.
Q.3- Evaluate the general view the peace of Westphalia as the founding moment for modern state system. Do you think this system is challenged in the contemporary world?
Q.4- In what ways was the Versailles treaty a contributory factor to european political instability in the period 1919-39?
Q.5- Elucidate the impact of world war II on the decolonialization process in Asia.
Q.6- Describe the efforts of African National Congress against Apartheid regime of South Africa.
Q.7- Carry out a comparative analysis of US foreign policy towards South Asia during and after the Cold war.
Q.8- Is globalization under threat because of world economic crises?

mcq's of IR paper 2013

1- "Theory of International Politics" has been written by c- Kenneth Waltz
2- League of Nations was formed after the treaty of a- Versailles
3- Yalta conference was held in the year c- 1945
4- NATO stands for d- North Atlantic Treaty Organization
5- Pakistan became part of SEATO in the year b- 1955
6- Perestroika and Glasnost reforms were introduced by b- Garbachev
7- After the Cold War, Pakistan was subjected to sanctions under e- none of these (Pressler amendment is related to Pakistan but that is related to Nuclear program of Pakistan)
8- NPT came into effect in the year c- 1970
9- Warsaw is the capital of b- Poland
10- The headquarter of Conference of Disarmament(CD) is in b- Geneva
11- The Bandung Conference was attended by c- 29 countries
12- Easing of tension between rival states is called c- Detente
13- "Imperialism: The Highest stage of Capitalism" was written by c- Lenin
14- The island of Diego Garcia is situated in a- Indian ocean
15- The island of Diego Garcia is situated in d- 8 years
16- The treaty signed in 1991 for the reduction of strategic weapons was c- START
17- The absense of centralized authority at the international level is called b- Anarchy
18- To frighten one's enemy into inaction is called e- none of these
19- Balfour declaration was signed in the year a- 1927
20- The famous diplomat of Pakistan who also remained the president of ICJ was a- Zafarullah Khan

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