Abu Dhabi University Scholarships 2024, UAE. (Fully Funded)

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  • 02/16/2024
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Abu Dhabi University Scholarships.Abu Dhabi University Scholarships.

Description for Abu Dhabi University Scholarship:

Explore Exciting Opportunities: Abu Dhabi University Scholarships in UAE 2024-2025

Are you aspiring to pursue higher education in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? The Abu Dhabi University Scholarships for the academic year 2024-2025 present an incredible chance for international students to undertake bachelor's or master's degree programs. These scholarships, offered by Abu Dhabi University (ADU), aim to acknowledge and reward students for their academic and extracurricular achievements.

Check out Fully Funded Scholarships in UAE For International Students

The financial aid provided through the Abu Dhabi University Scholarship Program enables students to study in the UAE without the financial burden. The 2024-25 international scholarships in the UAE cover a range of programs and fields, making it an enticing opportunity for students interested in studying in Abu Dhabi.

Key Features of Abu Dhabi University Scholarships:

  • Fully Funded Scholarships: ADU offers both fully funded and partially funded scholarships, with waivers ranging from 10% to 50% of tuition fees.

  • H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Scholarship: A notable scholarship providing a complete waiver of tuition fees, as well as covering application, registration, student services, and health services fees.

  • Supportive Academic Environment: These scholarships foster a supportive academic environment, encouraging students to excel in their chosen fields.

  • Top-Ranked Institution: Abu Dhabi University is a prestigious institution, securing a top position for the teaching pillar in the UAE, as per the esteemed THE World University Rankings 2023.

  • Competitive Merit-Based Scholarships: As these scholarships are merit-based, applicants are advised to maintain a strong overall profile to enhance their chances of securing this financial aid.

To apply for these scholarships, students need to first gain formal acceptance into Abu Dhabi University. The scholarships are competitive, so maintaining a stellar academic and extracurricular record is crucial. If you aspire to pursue higher education in the UAE, consider the Abu Dhabi Scholarships in UAE 2024-25. This is your opportunity to benefit from the academic excellence and financial support offered by Abu Dhabi University. Act now and ensure you submit your application before the ADU Scholarships deadline.

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Here is a list of Abu Dhabi University Scholarships for the academic year 2024-2025:

  1. Academic Scholarship
  2. Alumni Scholarship
  3. Athletic Scholarship
  4. University Scholarship for UAE and GCC students
  5. Family Tuition Waiver
  6. Merit-based Graduate Scholarship
  7. H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Scholarship

Degree Level for Abu Dhabi University Scholarship:

Abu Dhabi University Scholarships 2024, UAE. (Fully Funded) is available to undertake Undergraduate, Masters, PhD level programs at Abu Dhabi University.

Available Subjects for Abu Dhabi University Scholarship:

Following subject are available to study under this scholarship program.

  • All Subjects

Benefits for Abu Dhabi University Scholarship:

If you meet the eligibility criteria outlined above, delve into the numerous benefits offered by ADU Scholarships in 2024 for a chance to study in the United Arab Emirates.

Benefits of ADU Scholarships in UAE:

  1. Scholarships at Abu Dhabi University offer significant financial coverage by waiving a percentage of tuition fees.

  2. Some scholarships are fully funded, providing students with a remarkable 100% tuition fee waiver.

  3. By offering a diverse range of scholarships, ADU ensures that deserving students have the opportunity to pursue their academic goals and study in the UAE.

Academic Scholarship for Undergraduate Programs:

  • Includes a 20% tuition fee waiver for continuing Abu Dhabi University students.
  • Available to students with a minimum CGPA of 3.60.

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Alumni Scholarship for Postgraduate Programs:

  • Applicants or alumni of Abu Dhabi University receive a 20% tuition fee waiver to continue their graduate studies.

Athletic Scholarship for Undergraduate Programs:

  • For continuing Abu Dhabi University students with active participation in Abu Dhabi sports teams.
  • Students receive a 25% tuition fee waiver.

University Scholarship for Undergraduate Programs:

  • Offered to GCC candidates and UAE residents, providing a 15% to up to 50% tuition fee waiver.

Family Tuition Waiver for Undergraduate Programs:

  • For individuals within the same family, including siblings, spouses, or parents with multiple students simultaneously enrolled at ADU.
  • Includes a tuition fee waiver of up to 15, 20, or 25%.

Merit-based Graduate Scholarship:

  • Students holding an undergraduate degree with a CGPA of 3.5 or higher receive a 25% reduction in tuition fees.

H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Scholarship for Undergraduate Programs:

  • A fully funded scholarship that includes a 100% tuition fee waiver, as well as covering application, registration, student services, and health services.

Embark on your academic journey with the unparalleled benefits offered by ADU Scholarships in 2024. Don't miss this chance to study in the UAE and shape your future with Abu Dhabi University.

Eligible Nationalities for Abu Dhabi University Scholarship:

Open for all nationalities.

Eligibility Criteria for Abu Dhabi University Scholarship:

To secure a coveted scholarship in the UAE, it's essential to thoroughly review the eligibility criteria set by Abu Dhabi University.

  1. The ADU Scholarship is open to international students from all corners of the globe, as well as for local students in the UAE.

  2. Abu Dhabi University extends scholarships for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

  3. For all bachelor’s degree programs, applicants must possess a high school certificate or transcripts.

  4. For all master’s degree programs, candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree to qualify for the Abu Dhabi University Scholarships.

  5. Similarly, for PhD or Doctoral degrees, students need to have a master’s degree.

  6. Applicants must be formally admitted to Abu Dhabi University before pursuing scholarships.

  7. Abu Dhabi Scholarships for master’s and bachelor’s programs have distinct CGPA requirements, which all applicants must meet to be eligible.

  8. Each UAE scholarship comes with specific eligibility criteria, which can be thoroughly reviewed on the official website.

For instance, the Athletic Scholarship for an undergraduate program necessitates a CGPA of 2.75, while a Merit-Based Graduate Scholarship mandates a CGPA of 3.5% or equivalent. Ensure you fulfill these criteria and check the official website for detailed information on each scholarship's eligibility requirements. Don't miss out on your chance to seize these opportunities for academic advancement at Abu Dhabi University.

Application Procedure for Abu Dhabi University Scholarship:

Required Documents for Abu Dhabi University Scholarships 2024:

Securing a scholarship at Abu Dhabi University requires the submission of essential documents. Ensure you have the following:

  1. Copy of Passport:

    • A valid copy of your passport.
  2. Transcripts and Degrees:

    • Academic transcripts and certificates for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
  3. Equivalency Letter:

    • Document confirming the equivalence of your academic qualifications.
  4. Passport Size Photograph:

    • Recent passport-sized photograph.
  5. English Language Proficiency:

    • Proof of English proficiency through IELTS or TOEFL scores.
  6. Copy of Emirates ID (if applicable):

    • A copy of your Emirates ID, if applicable.
  7. Police Clearance Certificate:

    • Certificate attesting to your clear criminal record.

Wondering how to apply for Abu Dhabi University Scholarships? Follow these steps:

  1. Click the 'Apply Now'  below.
  2. The scholarship application process commences post formal admission to ADU and the assignment of a unique student ID.
  3. Use the assigned ID to securely access the dedicated Financial Aid and Scholarships section in your university account.
  4. Submit all necessary documents to be considered for ADU Scholarships.

Application Deadline for Abu Dhabi University Scholarships in UAE 2024:

Mark your calendar! The deadline to apply for Abu Dhabi University Scholarships (Spring Semester) is 16 February 2024.

Apply Now:

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