Adlerbert Study Scholarships Sweden - Chalmers University of technology Sweden

  • Full tuition fee
  • Chalmers University of Technology
  • Masters
  • All Subjects
  • International Students
  • Sweden
  • 01/17/2022
Expired in
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Scholarship Description:

Adlerbert Study Scholarships Sweden - Chalmers University of technology Sweden is open for International Students . The scholarship allows Masters level programm(s) in the field of All Subjects taught at Chalmers University of Technology . The deadline of the scholarship is expired at 17 Jan 2022.

Degree Level:

Adlerbert Study Scholarships Sweden - Chalmers University of technology Sweden is available to undertake Masters level programs at Chalmers University of Technology.

Available Subjects:

Following subject are available to study under this scholarship program.

  • All Subjects

Scholarship Benefits:

Full tuition fee will be provided under this scholarship.

Eligible Nationalities:

Afghanistan Democratic People's Republic of Korea Armenia Albania Angola Kenya Bolivia Algeria Bangladesh Tajikistan Cabo Verde Antigua and

students from following 143 countries are eligible to apply.

Barbuda Benin Zimbabwe Cameroon Argentina Bhutan Congo Azerbaijan Burkina Faso Côte d'Ivoire Belarus Burundi Egypt Belize Cambodia El Salvador Bosnia and Herzegovina Central African Republic Georgia Botswana Chad Ghana Brazil Comoros Guatemala Chile2 Democratic Republic of the Congo Guyana Djibouti Honduras Colombia Equatorial Guinea1 Cook Islands Eritrea Indonesia Costa Rica Ethiopia Kosovo Cuba Gambia Kyrgyzstan Dominica Guinea Micronesia Dominican Republic Guinea-Bissau Moldova Ecuador Haiti Mongolia Fiji Kiribati Morocco Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Lao People's Democratic Republic Nicaragua Gabon Lesotho Nigeria Grenada Liberia Pakistan Iran Madagascar Papua New Guinea Iraq Malawi Paraguay Jamaica Mali Philippines Jordan Mauritania Samoa Kazakhstan Mozambique Sri Lanka Lebanon Myanmar Swaziland Libya Nepal Syrian Arab Republic Malaysia Niger Tokelau Maldives Rwanda Ukraine Marshall Islands Sao Tome and Principe Uzbekistan Mauritius Senegal Viet Nam Mexico Sierra Leone West Bank and Gaza Strip Montenegro Solomon Islands Montserrat Somalia Namibia South Sudan Nauru Sudan Niue Tanzania Palau Timor-Leste Panama Togo Peru Tuvalu Saint Helena Uganda Saint Lucia Vanuatu Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Yemen Serbia Zambia Seychelles South Africa Suriname Thailand Tonga Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Uruguay Venezuela

Eligibility Criteria:

The scholarships are open to 1st year Master’s programme applicants and citizens of 143 eligible countries.

The selection is based on the applicants’ relative academic excellence, which primarily includes weighted average grade but also home University’s stature (including position on global ranking lists) and priority order of the application for Chalmers Master’s Programmes.


Application Procedure:

To apply, you must first make an online application to one or several Master’s programmes at Chalmers at the website Each applicant is assigned an 8 digit application number (from your application for Master’s programmes at and this number is required in order to complete the scholarship application. 


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