Colombia Government Scholarship 2024/2025 (Fully Funded and Without IELTS)

  • Fully Funded
  • ICETEX - Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad
  • Masters, PhD
  • All Subjects
  • International Students
  • Colombia
  • 06/09/2024
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Colombia Government Scholarships.Colombia Government Scholarships.

Description for Colombia Government Scholarship:

The Colombia Government Scholarship 2024-25 in Colombia is open to international applicants seeking fully funded opportunities for Master's, Specialization, and PhD programs. Administered by ICETEX, the scholarship program welcomes candidates from around the globe in various fields of study. The duration of the scholarship varies depending on the program, with 18 months for specialization, 2 years for master's, and 4 years for PhD.

ICETEX, short for the Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad (Instituto Colombiano de Crédito Educativo y Estudios Técnicos en el Exterior), is a government organization in Colombia dedicated to providing financial assistance, scholarships, and educational loans to Colombian individuals pursuing higher education or technical studies. Its mission extends to supporting students both domestically and internationally.

As an institution, ICETEX manages a diverse range of scholarship programs, which are funded by the Colombian government, international organizations, and foreign governments. These programs encompass various fields of study and academic levels, catering to undergraduate students, graduate students, and researchers.

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Degree Level for Colombia Government Scholarship:

Colombia Government Scholarship 2024/2025 (Fully Funded and Without IELTS) is available to undertake Masters, PhD level programs at ICETEX - Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad.

Available Subjects for Colombia Government Scholarship:

Following subject are available to study under this scholarship program.

  • All Subjects

Benefits for Colombia Government Scholarship:

The Colombia Government Scholarship offers a range of benefits to selected candidates, including:

1. Full coverage of tuition fees: The scholarship will cover the entire cost of tuition, allowing recipients to pursue their studies without the financial burden of paying for educational expenses.

2. Medical insurance coverage: Candidates will receive comprehensive medical insurance, ensuring that their healthcare needs are taken care of during their time of study in Colombia.

3. Support for books and materials: The scholarship program includes provisions for covering the costs of books and other necessary materials required for academic studies, ensuring that students have access to the resources they need.

4. Monthly living stipend and installation costs: Selected candidates will receive a monthly living allowance to cover their day-to-day expenses, as well as assistance with installation costs to help them settle into their new academic environment.

5. Coverage of unexpected costs: The scholarship also provides support for unforeseen or unexpected expenses that may arise during the course of the candidates' studies, ensuring that they can focus on their academic pursuits without financial worries.

Overall, the Colombia Government Scholarship 2023-24 aims to provide comprehensive financial support to enable students to pursue their educational goals without financial constraints.

Eligible Nationalities for Colombia Government Scholarship:

This scholarship is open to international students of all nationalities.

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Eligibility Criteria for Colombia Government Scholarship:

To be eligible for the Colombia Scholarship 2024-2025, candidates must meet the following criteria:

1. Nationality requirement: Candidates from any country, except Colombia, are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

2. Educational background: Applicants must hold a professional, graduate, or bachelor's degree in any field of study. The scholarship is open to candidates with diverse academic backgrounds.

3. Age limitation: Candidates must be under 50 years old at the time of application. This criterion ensures that the scholarship opportunity is available to individuals at different stages of their career.

4. Marital status: Applicants should not be married to a Colombian national. This requirement ensures that the scholarship is targeted at international candidates.

5. Language proficiency: There is no specific requirement for IELTS or any other language proficiency test for admission. However, it is important for candidates to have a good command of the language of instruction in their chosen program to ensure academic success.

These criteria serve as the basis for the selection process of the Colombia Scholarship 2023-24, and candidates who meet these requirements are encouraged to apply for this valuable opportunity.

Application Procedure for Colombia Government Scholarship:

Applying for the Colombian Scholarship Program: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Colombian Scholarship Program offers exciting opportunities for international students! Here's a breakdown of the application process and requirements:

Important Dates:
  • Application Deadline: June 9th, 2024 (all applications must be submitted electronically by this date)
  • Evaluation Period: June 10th - June 19th, 2024
  • Selection Notification: June 20th, 2024 (candidates will be notified by email)
  • Scholarship Acceptance: June 21st - 23rd, 2024 (selected candidates will have this window to accept the scholarship)
  • Program Start: Varies depending on the chosen program (refer to the Academic Program Catalog)
How to Apply:
Required Documents (all electronically uploaded):

University Admission Letter(s): (minimum 1, maximum 3)

    • Final admission letter issued by the Colombian university for your chosen program(s).
    • The letter must specify program start and end dates.
    • If applying to multiple programs, prioritize them in your essay (see point 5).
    • All admissions must be for programs starting in the 2nd semester of 2024.

    Academic Recommendation Letter(s): (minimum 1, maximum 2)

      • Issued by a professor from your undergraduate university.
      • Dated 2024 (letters from previous years will not be accepted).

      Certificate of Migratory Movements (if selected): (may be requested by ICETEX)

        • Proof of your recent entry to Colombia (within the last year).

        Undergraduate or Graduate Transcript: (official document)

          • Must certify your degree and a minimum GPA of 4.0 (out of 5.0) or its equivalent in your home country's grading system.
          • Your university should also certify the grading scale used, including the minimum passing grade, for comparison with the Colombian system.
          • This document can be submitted in Spanish, Portuguese, French, or English. Translations are required for other languages.

          Academic Essay (maximum 2 pages):

          • Explain why studying in Colombia is important to you and how it will benefit your personal and professional development, as well as how you plan to apply your knowledge upon returning to your home country.
          • If applying to multiple programs, prioritize them (1 to 3) within the essay.

          Valid Passport Copy (first page):

            • Must have a minimum validity of one year.

            University Degree(s) or Diploma(s) Copy: (certified by your university or notarized)

              • Do not include short courses or workshops.

              Resume or CV (maximum 2 pages):

                • Highlight your undergraduate and postgraduate studies, as well as professional experiences.

                Health Certificate (dated within 30 days of application):

                  • Issued by a doctor, indicating your physical and mental health.
                  • Must include the doctor's signature and stamp.

                  Professional Experience Certificate(s) (minimum 1):

                    • Document your professional experience (positions held, duration, and responsibilities). Internship certifications are valid.
                    Selection Process:

                    Scholarship awards are based on a point system, considering the following criteria:

                    • Academic Excellence (30%): Your academic record and achievements.
                    • Program Alignment (30%): How well your chosen program aligns with your academic and professional background.
                    • Professional Experience (20%): Your relevant work experience.
                    • University Location (10%): Geographical distribution of scholarship recipients across Colombia.
                    • Reciprocity (10%): Colombia's cooperation agreements with your home country.
                    Important Notes:
                    • Ensure the accuracy and validity of all submitted documents. ICETEX reserves the right to verify the information provided.
                    • Misrepresentation of information may lead to application rejection and potential legal action.
                    • Scholarship awards are subject to available resources.
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