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American society of newspaper editors (ASNE) prescribed the following canons of journalism in 1923 which are as follows.

1. Responsibility:

The journalist should be a responsible man and perform his duties responsibly.

2.Freedom Of Press:

Freedom Of press shall not be used as a weapon against any one. Journalist shall report the news in its true sense and shall not try to make someone’s image.

3. Independence:

The policy of a newspaper should be independent and shall not favour any political or administrative figure. There shall be no bias and prejudices against any one.

4. Sincerity, Truthfulness And Accuracy: self explanatory

5, Impartiality:
The newspaper editor shall show impartiality. He shall stand neutral in all cases.

6.Fair play:The journalist shall show a fair play. They shall not misuse their position and shall work in the best interest of society.

The journalist shall not give detail of any unethical crime.

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