Aziz Foundation Scholarship at University of Greenwich, UK.

  • Full tuition fee
  • University of Greenwich UK
  • Postgraduate
  • Media Studies, Journalism, Technology, Sustainability, Environment, Law +1 More, policy and management
  • Domestic Students
  • UK
Aziz Foundation Scholarships.Aziz Foundation Scholarships.

Description for Aziz Foundation Scholarship:

Under a recently formed Preferred Partnership arrangement with the Aziz Foundation, University of Greenwich students enrolled in specific courses can now seek assistance from the Aziz Foundation. The Aziz Foundation Scholarship will fully cover postgraduate tuition fees for British Muslims pursuing education at UK universities.

These scholarships are designed to attract individuals who aspire to enhance their careers and make a positive impact on their communities and society as a whole.

About Aziz Foundation:

The Aziz Foundation is a charitable organization in the United Kingdom with a mission to empower British Muslims to bring positive change to their communities and society as a whole. The foundation was established by Asif Aziz and his family to support various educational and social initiatives.

Key aspects and initiatives of the Aziz Foundation include:

  1. Scholarships: The Aziz Foundation provides scholarships to British Muslims pursuing postgraduate studies at UK universities. These scholarships cover 100% of postgraduate tuition fees and are offered in several fields, including media & journalism, technology, sustainability and environment, law, policy, and creative content. The aim is to support talented individuals who are committed to making a difference in these areas.

  2. Diversity and Inclusion: One of the foundation's primary goals is to promote diversity and inclusion, especially within fields where British Muslims may be underrepresented. This includes supporting individuals who want to champion diversity in the media, contribute to innovative solutions in technology, advocate for sustainability and environmental causes, excel in the legal profession, influence public policy, and shape public discourse through creative content.

  3. Community Engagement: The Aziz Foundation is actively engaged in community initiatives and works to build bridges between different communities. They are involved in projects and programs that promote dialogue, understanding, and social cohesion.

  4. Leadership Development: The foundation focuses on leadership development, aiming to nurture future leaders who will make a positive impact on society. They provide resources and support to individuals who have the potential to become change-makers in their respective fields.

  5. Partnerships: The Aziz Foundation collaborates with universities and other organizations to further its mission and expand its reach. The establishment of Preferred Partnership agreements with universities is an example of how they work with educational institutions to support students.

Overall, the Aziz Foundation plays a significant role in empowering British Muslims to pursue education, leadership, and initiatives that contribute to positive change, diversity, and inclusivity in the UK.

Degree Level for Aziz Foundation Scholarship:

Aziz Foundation Scholarship at University of Greenwich, UK. is available to undertake Postgraduate level programs at University of Greenwich UK.

Available Subjects for Aziz Foundation Scholarship:

The Aziz Foundation Scholarships are available for candidates in various fields, each with a specific focus on driving positive change and championing diversity:

  1. Media & Journalism: These scholarships are intended for individuals who aspire to promote diversity within the media industry, with the goal of achieving fairer and more accurate reporting.

  2. Technology: These scholarships are for disrupters and innovators in the field of technology who use their skills to provide innovative solutions to some of society's most pressing challenges.

  3. Sustainability and Environment: These scholarships target candidates who are committed to leading the charge in protecting our planet and ensuring a safer future for generations to come by engaging in sustainability and environmental initiatives.

  4. Law: These scholarships are tailored for candidates with ambitious career goals in the legal profession, particularly those who aspire to become judges. Note that this excludes conversion courses.

  5. Policy: These scholarships are designed for individuals who are passionate about influencing public policy in the UK, with a focus on ensuring that policies are equitable and responsive to the needs of British Muslim communities. (Excludes Health Policy)

  6. Creative Content: These scholarships are for creative individuals who have the potential to shape public discourse, particularly in relation to Muslims and Islam, using various forms of media and creative mediums.

The Aziz Foundation Scholarships aim to support and empower British Muslims pursuing education in these specific areas, with the overarching goal of fostering positive change and inclusivity in society.

Benefits for Aziz Foundation Scholarship:

The Aziz Foundation Scholarship will cover 100/% of postgraduate tuition fees to support British Muslims aiming to study at UK universities.

Eligible Nationalities for Aziz Foundation Scholarship:

British Muslims Students can apply for this scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria for Aziz Foundation Scholarship:

You will need to meet the following criteria to be eligible for the Aziz Foundation Scholarship

  • Be eligible for Home fees status
  • Be active within a Muslim community and demonstrate intimate knowledge of issues affecting British Muslim communities
  • Demonstrate long-term commitment to community/societal development within Britain
  • Show how the course will increase their effectiveness in one of the following areas relating to British Muslims:
  • Effective Advocacy and Enhance Public Perception – facilitating better representation and contribution of Muslims to civil society to combat Islamophobia and positively transform perceptions of British Muslims
  • Community Service and Social Development – raising the aspirations and standards within British Muslim communities

Application Procedure for Aziz Foundation Scholarship:

Please apply directly via the Aziz Foundation website.

Apply Here

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