Fully Funded Beijing Government Scholarships 2024.

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  • China Universities
  • Undergraduate, Masters, PhD
  • All Subjects
  • International Students
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Between February to June of each year
Fully Funded Beijing Government Scholarships.Fully Funded Beijing Government Scholarships.

Description for Fully Funded Beijing Government Scholarship:

The Beijing Government Scholarship for the academic year 2024-2025 is an excellent opportunity for international students as it offers full financial support. This scholarship program is backed by an initial fund of 35 million yuan (equivalent to approximately US$5 million), which is allocated by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission. The scholarship is divided into three categories, with the highest category providing a generous grant of 40,000 yuan (equivalent to US$5,700) to each recipient.

This scholarship initiative is groundbreaking, as it is the first of its kind in China to be introduced by a city government. While the government is the primary source of funding for this program, it also encourages individuals, companies, and organizations to contribute to the scholarship fund in the future.

The primary objective of the Beijing Government Scholarship is to entice more international students to pursue their studies in Beijing. This initiative aims to foster greater internationalization within the higher education institutions in Beijing, making it an attractive destination for scholars and learners from around the world.

Degree Level for Fully Funded Beijing Government Scholarship:

The duration of the Beijing Government Scholarship varies based on the type of program:

  1. For students pursuing Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees at Chinese universities and colleges in the Beijing region, the scholarship is applicable for programs that are less than 4 years in duration.

  2. For those engaged in Chinese language training or advanced studies at Chinese universities and colleges in Beijing, the scholarship is available for programs lasting less than one year.

  3. Scholars and international students participating in specialized training at Chinese universities and colleges in Beijing can receive the scholarship for programs that are less than one year long.

  4. Exchange students and students who have made outstanding contributions to international education in Beijing are eligible for the scholarship for programs with a duration of less than one year.

Available Subjects for Fully Funded Beijing Government Scholarship:

Following subject are available to study under this scholarship program.

  • All Subjects

Benefits for Fully Funded Beijing Government Scholarship:

The Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship for International Students exclusively includes coverage for tuition expenses. Depending on the applicants' status, the stipend for scholarship recipients can be categorized into five types:

  1. 40,000 RMB per year for Doctoral degree candidates.
  2. 30,000 RMB per year for Master's degree candidates.
  3. 20,000 RMB per year for Bachelor's degree candidates.
  4. 10,000 RMB per year for individuals pursuing Senior training programs or long-term language programs.
  5. 5,000 RMB per year for Exchange students or students who have made significant contributions to international education in Beijing.

Eligible Nationalities for Fully Funded Beijing Government Scholarship:

This scholarship is open to international students of all nationalities except Chinese.

Eligibility Criteria for Fully Funded Beijing Government Scholarship:

To be eligible for the Beijing Government Scholarship, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. Language Proficiency: The language proficiency requirement is determined by the specific academic programs and is set by the respective higher learning institution.

  2. Nationality: This scholarship is open to applicants from all countries worldwide, with the exception of Chinese citizens.

  3. Health Requirement: Applicants must be in good health.

  4. Undergraduate Applicants: Those applying for undergraduate studies in Beijing should have successfully completed senior high school with a strong academic record and be under the age of 30.

  5. Master's Degree Applicants: Applicants seeking Master's degree studies in Beijing should possess a Bachelor's degree and be under the age of 35.

  6. Doctoral Degree Applicants: Candidates applying for Doctoral degree studies in Beijing must hold a Master's degree and be under the age of 40.

  7. Advanced Studies Applicants: Individuals pursuing advanced studies should have an undergraduate degree or be in their second year of a university course and be under the age of 50.

  8. Long-Term Language Study Applicants: Those interested in long-term language study should have a high school diploma and be under the age of 60.

  9. Visiting Scholar Candidates: Candidates aiming for visiting scholar positions in Beijing should hold a Master's degree or higher, or have academic titles equivalent to associate professor or higher, and be under the age of 50.

  10. Meeting University and Program Entry Requirements: Applicants must meet the specific entry requirements of the university and program they are applying to.

  11. Non-Concurrent Scholarships: Candidates should not be recipients of other Chinese government scholarships simultaneously.

Application Procedure for Fully Funded Beijing Government Scholarship:

Here are the step-by-step instructions for applying for the Beijing Government Scholarship:

  1. Begin by choosing a university that offers the Beijing Government Scholarship. You can find a list of these universities on the official website.

  2. Once you've selected a university located in Beijing, visit the university's website dedicated to "International Students." Look for the "Scholarships" section.

  3. In the "Scholarships" section, locate and click on the "Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship." Here, you will find a comprehensive guide for the application procedure for that specific Beijing University, along with application forms and a list of required documents. However, here are the general steps to follow:

    List of Required Documents for the Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship:

    • Application Form for Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship (available at institutions in Beijing or for download on the school's website).
    • Notarized photocopies of your highest diploma and transcript.
    • Photocopy of the Foreigner Physical Examination Form, which should be printed by the Chinese quarantine authority (required for those whose study period in China is six months or longer).
    • If you're applying for a degree program or specialized research, you should submit a study plan (no more than 400 words) or a research plan (no more than 800 words).
    • Applicants in the fields of music and fine arts are expected to provide samples of their personal works.
    • Applicants under the age of 18 should submit the legal documents of their legal guardians in China.
  4. Submit your application documents to one of the following authorities:

    • The Chinese government office responsible for sending international students to China.
    • Relevant offices in your home country.
    • The Chinese diplomatic missions or embassies in your home country.
    • You may also directly submit your documents to Chinese institutions in Beijing.

Follow these steps to complete your application for the Beijing Government Scholarship.

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