Massey University Vice Chancellor’s High Achievers Scholarships, New Zealand, 2013/14

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Scholarship Description:

Massey University Vice Chancellor’s High Achievers Scholarships, New Zealand, 2013/14 is open for . The scholarship allows level programm(s) in the field of taught at . The deadline of the scholarship is .

Massey University offers up to 150 full-time and part-time scholarships for  new students in the field of all academic courses and Arts  (composition, performance, creative writing and/or visual arts). All  applicants must be eligible and intending to enroll: ”for either full-time  (minimum of 105 credits) or part-time (minimum of 45 credits) study;” in the  first year (i.e. 100 level) of a Bachelor degree programme;”in the year  following the award of the Scholarship; ”at any Massey University  campus. The application deadline is 30 August in the year prior  to the scholarship being tenable.

Study Subject(s): Scholarships are provided in  the field of all academic courses and Arts (composition, performance,  creative writing and or visual arts) at Massey University. Course  Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing bachelor  degree level at Massey University. Scholarship  Provider: Massey University, New  Zealand Scholarship can be taken at: New Zealand

Eligibility: All applicants must be eligible, and  intending, to enroll: ”for either full-time (minimum of 105 credits) or  part-time (minimum of 45 credits) study; ”in the first year (i.e. 100  level) of a Bachelor degree programme; ”in the year following the award of  the Scholarship; ”at any Massey University campus. -Applicants for the  Massey University Vice Chancellor’s High Achievers Scholarship Academic Category  only School leaver applicants for the Academic category should normally  have achieved a minimum of 20 NCEA Level 2 credits (or the equivalent in unit  standards and/or credits or the equivalent in CIE or IB) in each of four  subjects from the approved list in order to be considered for this award.  Credits would normally be expected to reflect a level of excellence across a  range of subjects recognized by an endorsement of Excellence, and or excellence  within the subject areas of proposed study. Non school leaver applicants in  this category must be able to demonstrate equivalent competence across a minimum  of four subject areas. -Applicants for the Massey University Vice  Chancellor’s High Achievers Scholarship (Arts) categories: School leaver  applicants in the Arts category must have attained an NCEA Level 2 certificate  at Year 12 and in the opinion of the school, must be clearly capable of  achieving University Entrance.  Non school leaver applicants in the Arts  category must be able to document academic achievements that are comparable with  those required of school leaver applicants at University Entrance or  similar. All applicants need to meet the entry criteria for the programme  that they intend to enroll in at Massey University.

Scholarship Open for International  Students: International students can apply for these  scholarships.

Scholarship Description: This  Scholarship was established to support new students enrolling at Massey  University with a previous record of high achievement in the following  categories: ”Academic; and ”Arts (composition, performance, creative  writing, and / or visual arts).

Number of award(s): Up to 150 full-time and  part-time Scholarships may be awarded annually.

Duration of award(s): Scholarships are offered  for or pro-rated for part-time students, for one year.

What does it cover? Up to 150 full-time and  part-time Scholarships may be awarded annually. The value of the Scholarship  shall be $3000 for full-time students, or pro-rated for part-time students, for  one year. Applicants who apply for and are successful in more than one category  will receive recognition of that but will only receive remuneration (to the  maximum of $3,000 or pro-rated for part-time) for one category.  The  Scholarship will be paid in two installments upon confirmation of enrollment in  semesters one and two following the official withdrawal dates for these  semesters.

Selection Criteria: The scholarships will be awarded  on:  Academic category: ”a record of excellence across subject areas  relevant to the proposed course of study at Massey University, with supporting  record of excellence and merit in other subject areas.

Arts: Selection will be made on the basis of: ”evidence of  excellence, both inside and outside school, in one or more arts fields  (evidenced, for example, by publication, by success in a regional or national  debating or theatre competition, by inclusion in an art/design exhibition, or by  selection in a regional orchestra); ”support by an appropriately qualified  person and/or organization (e.g. director, editor, conductor, teacher/mentor,  orchestra, theatre company or, society). In making their decisions the  Selection Committee will priorities applicants’ academic records in Arts  subjects.  In making their selection in both categories the Selection  Committee will be mindful of the University’s strategies in relation to Maori  and Pasifika students, and to students with disabilities.

Notification: Not Known

How to Apply: The mode of applying is by  post.

Scholarship Application  Deadline: The application deadline is 30 August  in the year prior to the Scholarship being tenable.

Further Official Scholarship Information and Application

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Massey University Vice Chancellor’s High Achievers Scholarships, New Zealand, 2013/14 is available to undertake level programs at .

Available Subjects:

Following subject are available to study under this scholarship program.


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