Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowships News 2024-25, UK.

  • Partial Funding
  • Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Post Doctorate
  • Engineering
  • International Students
  • UK
  • 10/01/2024
Expires in
216 Days
Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowships News 2024-25, UK.Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowships News 2024-25, UK.

Scholarship Description:

The Enterprise Fellowships program at the Royal Academy of Engineering in the UK welcomes international students globally to pursue doctoral studies. It specifically backs inventive and enterprising engineers displaying outstanding innovation in engineering that they aim to further develop.

This initiative focuses on equipping recipients with essential skills, experience, confidence, and a network of proficient advisors necessary for advancing their innovation. The program extends support to three categories of individuals: recent graduates aspiring to establish a company, researchers aiming to create a spin-off from a university or research institute, and international PhD students in the UK intending to launch or spin out a venture.

About the University:

The Royal Academy of Engineering stands as a distinguished institution in the United Kingdom, dedicated to fostering engineering excellence and innovation. Established in 1976, it operates as a national academy, uniting the brightest minds and professionals in engineering to propel advancements in the field. Renowned for its commitment to excellence, the Academy serves as a nexus for collaboration, education, and advocacy, supporting engineers in their pursuits across various disciplines.

At its core, the Royal Academy of Engineering strives to promote engineering excellence and impact societal progress. It champions innovation, research, and education, offering resources, mentorship, and programs that empower engineers to tackle complex challenges. The Academy's initiatives span from supporting emerging talents to facilitating collaborations between industry leaders, academic institutions, and government bodies, all geared towards driving innovation, sustainability, and technological advancements for the betterment of society.

Through its robust network, the Royal Academy of Engineering plays a pivotal role in influencing policy, fostering interdisciplinary research, and shaping the future of engineering. It leverages partnerships, knowledge-sharing platforms, and strategic collaborations to catalyze transformative change, ensuring engineering remains at the forefront of addressing global challenges and shaping a more prosperous and sustainable world

Degree Level:

Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowships News 2024-25, UK. is available to undertake Post Doctorate level programs at Royal Academy of Engineering.

Available Subjects:

Following subject are available to study under this scholarship program.

  • Engineering

Scholarship Benefits:

The Enterprise Fellowships offered by the Royal Academy of Engineering come with several advantageous provisions for recipients:

  1. Grant of up to £75,000 without the obligation of equity for startup funding.
  2. Access to seasoned business mentors and coaches, providing expert guidance.
  3. Fifteen days of specialized business training to augment entrepreneurial skills.
  4. Inclusion in the Academy's Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion toolkit, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.
  5. Membership to an extensive community comprising Hub Members, Academy Fellows, investors, industry experts, and partners.
  6. Provision of flexible workspace at the Taylor Centre, the physical hub affiliated with the program.
  7. Lifetime membership to the hub, ensuring ongoing support and engagement within the community.

Eligible Nationalities:

Open to International Students of all nationalities.

Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify for the Enterprise Fellowships at the Royal Academy of Engineering, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Language Requirement: Proficiency in English is mandatory.

Eligibility extends to applicants from all countries globally.

The program broadly supports:

  • Researchers aiming to establish a company spun out from a university.
  • Recent graduates aspiring to initiate a startup.
  • International PhD students already situated in the UK looking to launch or spin out a venture. Applicants fulfill key eligibility criteria if:
  • Their solution's Technology Readiness Level (TRL) is 4 or higher.
  • Business equity investment remains under £500,000.
  • Their innovation is protectable, and they either own or co-own the intellectual property.
  • Within the founding team, the applicant holds the highest equity stake in the company.
  • They are, or have aspirations to become, the CEO or COO of the business.
  • For startup applicants: They are not students or employed elsewhere during the program.
  • For startup applicants: They have completed their initial university degree by July 1, 2018.
  • For spinout applicants: They are presently employed by the university.
  • If applicable, their PhD defense will take place no later than November 30, 2023.

Make sure to thoroughly review the comprehensive list of eligibility criteria before submitting your application.

Application Procedure:

Here are the essential steps to apply for the Enterprise Fellowships at the Royal Academy of Engineering:

  1. Begin by registering through the provided system link.

  2. Once logged in, access "My Applications" in the top left corner and select the appropriate application form from the list of current open programs.

  3. The application process comprises two stages:

    Stage One:

    • Provide a brief overview of yourself and your idea, taking approximately 60 minutes. This stage primarily assesses whether your idea aligns with the program's criteria and goals. Eligible candidates fitting the program's support framework will advance to stage two.

    Stage Two:

    • The second stage involves a more comprehensive application, focusing on the quality of your idea and your potential to lead a startup. You'll be required to furnish detailed information about yourself, the team, the technology, and the business model, which may take one to three working days to complete. This part undergoes review by a panel of experts, and successful candidates will be invited for an interview.

Kindly note that due to the high volume of applications, the panel's feedback on stage two applications will be provided only upon completion of the selection process.

For any inquiries, feel free to contact the Enterprise team via email


  • Stage 1: August 29, 2024 (Opens in January)
  • Stage 2: October, 2024

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