Top 10 Fully Funded and Partially Funded Scholarships for African Students.

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Top 10 Fully Funded and Partially Funded Scholarships for African Students.Top 10 Fully Funded and Partially Funded Scholarships for African Students.

Scholarship Description:

Invitations are open for African students to apply for scholarships worldwide in 2023. These scholarships cover Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD degrees at top universities and fully fund the expenses for studying abroad. They offer a unique opportunity for Africa's future leaders to access quality education and training, enabling them to make a positive impact on their countries. Scholarships for African students are an investment in the continent's future, empowering talented individuals to make a difference in their communities.

These scholarships are funded by various sources, including government agencies, foundations, and private donors. They typically cover tuition and educational costs, and some may also include living stipends. Eligibility is often need-based, while others also consider academic merit or specific criteria. African students from various countries can apply for these scholarships, and there is a wide range of options available to suit their needs. Moreover, some scholarships do not require an IELTS score, making it easier for African students to pursue their studies internationally.

Studying abroad is a valuable experience, but the high costs can be a financial challenge. However, with numerous scholarships available for African students, they can pursue their education in countries like the UK, USA, Japan, and others without financial worries. It's essential for interested students to explore the different opportunities and take advantage of these scholarships.

#1 Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program:

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program is dedicated to nurturing Africa's future leaders. Its primary goal is to offer financial assistance to students whose potential and promise outshine their financial means. The program firmly believes in the transformative power of education, envisioning leaders who will inspire others to foster a sense of community and actively contribute to their societies.

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#2 Knight-Hennessy Scholarship Program at Stanford University:

The Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program at Stanford University is renowned as the world's largest fully funded scholarship initiative. It grants up to 100 exceptional students the opportunity to pursue their graduate studies at Stanford University with comprehensive financial support. The program's mission is to foster a diverse community of leaders with interdisciplinary skills to tackle the world's most intricate challenges. Knight-Hennessy Scholars are selected based on their potential for leadership, academic excellence, and their capacity to make a positive impact on society. The scholarship covers tuition, accommodation, travel expenses, and personal costs for a four-year study duration. Scholars also benefit from mentorship, leadership development opportunities, and a vast global network of fellow scholars.

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#3 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program:

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships program is specially designed to attract and retain outstanding doctoral students with strong leadership abilities in various fields, including social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, engineering, and health. The program aims to support students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement in their graduate studies. Scholars have the opportunity to pursue both master's and doctoral degrees in a wide range of academic disciplines across Canada's top universities.

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#4 Swedish Institute Scholarships Program for Global Professionals:

The Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals seeks to nurture future global leaders who will actively contribute to the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development on a worldwide scale. Applicants are expected to clearly articulate how their studies will contribute to the sustainable development of their home countries and regions. This scholarship supports full-time, one- or two-year master's degree programs and is funded by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For a successful application, it is crucial to ensure eligibility, complete all required steps in the process, and gather all necessary information to finalize the application.

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#5 Orange Knowledge Scholarship Program in the Netherlands:

The Orange Knowledge Scholarship Program in the Netherlands is a government-funded initiative that aims to enhance the capacity of professionals from developing countries. It offers a range of opportunities for capacity building and financial support to professionals pursuing various programs of study. The scholarship covers tuition fees, course materials, travel expenses, insurance, and living costs. This program targets mid-career professionals working in fields such as agriculture, water, sanitation, climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, and social security. It presents a valuable chance for professionals to gain knowledge and skills that can contribute significantly to the development of their home countries.

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#6 Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships for African Students:

The Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships are specifically designed for applicants from the least-developed, low-income, and lower-middle-income Commonwealth countries. These scholarships facilitate part-time distance learning at UK universities, offering selected courses. Funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office, these scholarships aim to support international students in advancing their studies.

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#7 University of Birmingham Outstanding Achievement Scholarship Nigeria:

The University of Birmingham's Outstanding Achievement Scholarship Nigeria offers Nigerian students a wonderful opportunity to pursue higher education at the prestigious University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. This scholarship recognizes and rewards the most exceptional students who will begin their university studies at the University of Birmingham during the academic year 2022/23. The scholarship is open to undergraduate degree applicants in various fields, including Arts and Law, Engineering and Physical Sciences, Life and Environmental Sciences, Medical and Dental Sciences, and Social Sciences.

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#8 American University Merit Scholarship Award Program:

American University is committed to fostering a diverse student community from all corners of the world. As part of this commitment, they are proud to offer the American University Merit Scholarship Award Program to outstanding international students who demonstrate exemplary academic performance, leadership potential, and a strong dedication to community service. These merit-based scholarships cover up to 100% of tuition expenses and are renewable for four years. American University is dedicated to providing an education that equips students for success in their careers and contributions to their communities.

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#9 Margaret McNamara Education Grants for African Students:

The Margaret McNamara Education Grants (MMEG) program extends educational grants to women in developing countries, enabling them to attend accredited institutions of higher education. In honor of Margaret McNamara, a World Bank employee who devoted her life to empowering women and girls through education, these grants are funded by donations from World Bank employees, individuals, and foundations. African students are among the beneficiaries of the Margaret McNamara Education Grants, using the support to pursue degrees in various fields such as engineering, agricultural science, architecture, finance, and public health.

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#10 Trudeau Foundation Scholarships for African Students:

The Trudeau Foundation Scholarships for African Students aim to empower scholars to create significant positive change within their institutions and communities. This program equips scholars with essential leadership skills, fostering values that are crucial for engaged leaders, including inclusiveness, community service, courage, and innovation. Each year, outstanding scholars are carefully chosen to participate in the program, where they receive leadership training in challenging environments, alongside generous scholarship funding to advance their academic pursuits.

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Degree Level:

Top 10 Fully Funded and Partially Funded Scholarships for African Students. is available to undertake Undergraduate, Masters, PhD level programs at Canada Universities, UK Universities, USA Universities, Japan Universities.

Available Subjects:

Following subject are available to study under this scholarship program.

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Scholarship Benefits:

Numerous fully funded scholarships are available for African students in 2023, offering them the opportunity to study at some of the world's best universities without any financial burden.

These scholarships provide comprehensive coverage, including:

1. Tuition Fee: The entire cost of tuition will be covered, ensuring that students can focus on their studies without worrying about fees.

2. Free Accommodation: Scholars will receive free accommodation, allowing them to live comfortably on campus or in designated housing.

3. Health Allowance: A health allowance will be provided to support the students' medical expenses and ensure their well-being.

4. Book Allowance: Scholars will receive financial support to purchase essential academic materials, such as textbooks and study resources.

5. Traveling Costs: The scholarships also cover travel expenses, enabling students to travel to and from their home country to the scholarship destination.

6. Monthly Stipend: Students will receive a monthly stipend, which can help with living expenses and other personal needs during their studies.

7. Round Air Fare Tickets: Scholars will be provided with round-trip airfare tickets from their home country to the scholarship location and back.

With these fully funded scholarships, African students can pursue their education at prestigious international universities without any financial constraints, making it a remarkable opportunity to advance their academic and professional careers.

Eligible Nationalities:

Open to international students from Africa.

Eligibility Criteria:

It varies each scholarship.

Application Procedure:

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