How to Score Band 8 in IELTS

IELTS is a manadatory test for Admission and Immigration purposes, incase you belong to a non-english speaking country. A higher score in english is always a dream for students who are looking for immigrations. For scoring higher a proper preparation with dedication is required. Scholarshipsds recommends that you study at least for a month and take practice test of all four components viz speaking, writing, listening, and reading. Remember you need to have best books for preparation of IELTS.

Here we have summed up tips for all four areas of IELTS test.

Tips for scoring high in IELTS Speaking:

The IELTS speaking test requires you to speak and answer some questions during the test. Following guidline will help you to score band 8 in speaking component of IELTS.

  • You should know the pattern of the speaking test.
  • Speak in your own accent but speak accurately.
  • You will be given a topic to speak. Brainstorm for one minute and talk in three parts i.e introduction, detail and conclusion.
  • Dont repeat same ideas again and again.
  • Listen actively what is being asked and respond accordingly.

Tips for Scoring high in IELTS Writing:

  • Dont make spelling mistakes.
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes and do not use highly complex structures.
  • Dont write shorter than required length.

    Tips for Scoring high in IELTS Reading:

    • Practice at home. Only practice of reading will help you crack the reading part and score higher.
    • Read the instructions carefuly.  You will be required to answer in "One Word" or "Not more than Three word" or "One Word and a Number". Answer accordingly
    • Dont infere anything and try to find answers from within the text
    • Dont panic and practice to manage the test with in given time at home.

    Tips for Scoring high in IELTS Listening:

    • Practice all listening test from book 1 to last available book.
    • Clear your mind from all other thoughts in exam.
    • Use the time given to read the question and check answers.
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      sidra bashir
      Mar 26, 2021 - 05:47 am

      Hello, This article is really helpful for me and all other student who want to appear in IELTS Exam. You explain very useful tricks. Keep posting and sharing. Best regards Ask scholars

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      Zain Hanif
      Jul 08, 2020 - 12:05 pm

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