London College of Fashion

London College of Fashion is one of the colleges listed under the University of Arts, London. It is the most sophisticated and sought after college for those who are interested in studying the nuances of Fashion, and related subjects. The specialty of the college is unique courses, which are a combination of conventional courses. For instance, if you are interested in films, and in fashion both, then there is a special course for studying fashion in the context of films. In a nutshell, you are able to get the best of both worlds, and can get a unique educational and training experience. London College of Fashion For those who are interested in Photography, LCF also has a number of Fashion Photography courses. There is a BA (hons.) in Fashion Photography, which will help a student to develop all the skills required to become a successful Fashion Photographer. Students get an in-depth knowledge about the glamour industry, and learn about what works in the market, and what appeals to the audiences. If you already have a BA degree in a particular subject, and wish to gain a Masters Degree, then there is the MA Fashion Photography course for you. Both the BA and the MA course focus more on practical knowledge rather than theory. This is because the courses are designed to meet the industry standards, and the aim is to impart such education to students, that they are ready for the market immediately after completion of the course. You can choose to do the courses either part-time or regular, based on your preferences. The fees will obviously vary depending on what option you pick. There is also a Foundation Degree in Fashion Styling and Photography, offered by LCF. Students who wish to later on progress to a BA degree can start with the Foundation Degree. The advantage of the Foundation degree is that your preparation for the working world begins simultaneously. It is especially very good if you are looking at shifting from one career to another. The requirements, fee structure, course content and all other relevant details for the courses can be easily found on the LCF website. The application route to most LCF courses is UCAS.
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