Jiangsu University Chinese Government Scholarship CSC 2024 for International Students. (Fully Funded)

  • Fully Funded, Partial Funding
  • Jiangsu University
  • Bachelor, Masters, PhD
  • All Subjects
  • International Students
  • China
  • 02/28/2024
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Jiangsu University Chinese Government Scholarships.

Jiangsu University Chinese Government Scholarships.

Scholarship Description:

Jiangsu University Chinese Government Scholarship CSC 2024 for International Students. (Fully Funded) is open for International Students . The scholarship allows Bachelor, Masters, PhD level program(s) in the field of All Subjects taught at Jiangsu University . The deadline of the scholarship is expired at 28 Feb 2024.

Degree Level:

Jiangsu University Chinese Government Scholarship CSC 2024 for International Students. (Fully Funded) is available to undertake Bachelor, Masters, PhD level programs at Jiangsu University.

Available Subjects:

Following subject are available to study under this scholarship program.

  • All Subjects

Scholarship Benefits:

1. Full Scholarship

  • Complete exemption from registration, tuition, and on-campus accommodation fees.
  • Monthly living allowance:
    • Undergraduates & Chinese language students: CNY 2,500 Yuan
    • Master’s degree students & general scholars: CNY 3,000 Yuan
    • Doctoral degree students & senior scholars: CNY 3,500 Yuan


  1. Costs beyond institutional arrangements are self-afforded.
  2. Monthly allowances are provided after registration. New students registering before the 15th receive the full amount, while those registering after the 15th receive half. The allowance covers school holidays.
  3. Outpatient medical expenses are partially covered.
  4. Comprehensive Medical Insurance is provided, and individual claims are not accepted.
  5. One-off inter-city travel subsidy is provided.

2. Partial Scholarship

Covers selected elements of the full scholarship, excluding settlement subsidies and inter-city travel allowances.

About the Scholarship

The Chinese Government Scholarship Program is established by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China (referred to as MOE). This initiative aligns with educational exchange agreements between the Chinese government and various countries, organizations, educational institutions, and relevant international bodies. It aims to offer both full and partial scholarships to international students and scholars. The management of recruitment and day-to-day administration of the Chinese Government Scholarship program is entrusted to the China Scholarship Council (CSC) by MOE.

Applicants have two options to apply for the China Scholarship Council (CSC) Scholarship. They can either choose to apply through the local Chinese Embassy/Consulate or opt for a direct application through Jiangsu University.

Eligible Nationalities:

This scholarship is open to international students of all nationalities.

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Eligibility Criteria:

Admission Requirements:

Age Limit:

  • Undergraduate: Below 25 years
  • Master’s: Below 35 years
  • Ph.D.: Below 40 years

Academic Requirements:

  • Specific criteria based on the chosen program (Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D.).

Language Proficiency:

  • Non-English speaking countries require an English proficiency certificate.

Additional Requirements:

  • Non-criminal record certificate
  • Physical examination form

Application Procedure:

I. Applying at the Local Chinese Embassy/Consulate (Category A)

Deadline: Please contact the local Chinese embassy/consulate

Application Procedure:

  1. Obtain a CSC sponsorship letter (Check Attachment 1) from the local Chinese embassy/consulate after the candidate selection process organized by them.

  2. Receive an admission letter from Jiangsu University through the online application system (http://admission.ujs.edu.cn).

  3. Inform the embassy that you have been admitted by JU. The admission notice will be the same as self-funded students’, but the application fee is unnecessary to pay.

  4. Register and complete the online application at the CSC online application system (https://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/), and send a hard copy of a completed application Form to the embassy.

Make sure to type in the correct Agency Number, because different embassies/consulates have different agency numbers.

II. Applying through Jiangsu University Directly (Category B)

Application Start: Jan 15th, 2024

Deadline: Feb 28th, 2024

Application Procedure:

  1. Apply through Jiangsu University Online Application System (http://admission.ujs.edu.cn) like self-funded students.

    Upload all notarized soft copies, including:

    • The first page of CSC application forms (in the place of Family Financial Statement).
    • Copy of passport (the photo page).
    • (Notarized) Copy of your final degree transcript.
    • (Notarized) Copy of your final degree certificate.
    • English language proficiency certificate (non-English speaking countries).
    • Family financial statement.
    • Research proposal.
    • 2 recommendation letters.
    • Non-criminal record certificate.
  2. Receive the admission letter after qualification selection from JSU. The admission notice will be the same as self-fund students’.

  3. Register and complete the online application at the CSC online application system (https://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/).

    Visit CSC website: http://www.csc.edu.cn/laihua/ for scholarship application.

    The Agency Number of Jiangsu University is 10299.

Age limit:

  • CSC undergraduate (25 years), PG (35), Ph.D. (40)

III. Important Information

  1. Please follow the procedure step by step.

  2. Please don't post the hard copies until you have been selected as CSC candidates.

  3. Chinese Government Scholarship is open to new students only.

  4. If you are admitted here but failed to achieve CSC scholarship, you still have a chance to get other kinds of scholarships. For Ph.D. candidates, JSU president scholarship will cover tuition and campus accommodation.

  5. Once chosen as a CSC candidate at the beginning of May, the new admission notice of the scholarship will be made. The admission office will contact you through the following email to tell you the next step. Please check your email frequently. Visa application documents will be sent to the scholarship candidates in June or July.

  6. The university online application system will still be active after 3rd of April for non-CSC applications. Applications submitted after April 25th will only be considered for JSU Presidential Scholarship or self-fund.

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